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Continuous improvement for color paper wholesale

Paper banners quantitative difference, color paper wholesale. Production and the production of white paper, colored paper, a point different from the color of paper to make the production equipment and facilities configuration; ③ working environment. Establish a documented QMS. Such as: quality manual, color paper wholesale plans, guides, documented procedures, work instructions, pattern, and record.

Quality Management System (QMS) continuous improvement concept of continuous improvement: Enhanced ability to meet requirements of cycle activities. Continuous improvement methods, color paper wholesale. Adopt "PDCA" cycle method. Organizations need to conduct continuous improvement activities to enhance the ability to meet requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, and other interested parties the opportunity; ultimate goal of continuous improvement - is to improve the organization's effectiveness and efficiency; color paper wholesale achieving the organization's quality policy and quality objectives.

Continuous improvement activity decreases paper banners quantitative difference, if the paper banners quantitative difference is too large, color paper wholesale, easy to produce color paper path, in order to reduce the emergence of diseases such paper. To adjust the production weir pool water level control water level should not be too high, such as the production of 0 g / m pale yellow dictionary paper, we put the water level control in 18 ~ 20cm between the quantitative level and then adjust the paper weir plate openings and access levels.


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