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Color felts wholesale were very helpful for city bikes

Felt is the use of color pigments to wool and color felt raw materials processed into different colors. Is recorded in the history of mankind's oldest form of fabric, history can be traced back to at least 6500 BC, dating back at least eight thousand years of history, a non-woven

Made of fabric form, than textile, knitting and other techniques used by humans earlier. Mao both soft and tough features fiber elasticity, feel comfortable, color felt but also has good reduction. Because sheep blankets folded, can be quickly reinstated, not easily deformed. Fiber structure can be tightly coupled with its tangled, and its robust features without going through knitting, sewing and other processing can be completely integrally molded.

Orbea Bikes If you’re looking for an incredible, extensive range of top quality bikes, look no further than Orbea bikes. Orbea are sure to have a bike to suit your lifestyle. color felt Orbea bikes include: Competition bikes (Ahna, Lubular, Oiz, Orca, Ordu and Terra); City bikes (Boulevard, Carpe, Diem and Dude); Leisure-Sport bikes – racing, tricks and endurance for cycling athletes (Aqua, Cool Flow, Lokiz, Max Flow,color felt Onix, Pellejo, Radikal and Sua); Fun/skill activation bikes for kids; Mountain/Marathon bikes (Rallon and Occam) for durable, powerful performance and also the XC All-Rounder bikes sport range for enhanced performance.

Felt Bikes Combining incredible innovation and style, Felt bikes provide a brilliant range of bikes including: Hybrid bikes, Mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Time Trial bikes and Road bikes for both men and women. Suitable for beginners to pros, Felt bikes provide guaranteed quality as they are also built to the highest specifications. Ghost Bikes Ghost bikes combine innovative technology and intricate detailing to provide market leading bikes, including: Mountain bikes (full-suspension and hardtail), Road bikes, Hybrid bikes and color felt. Ghost bikes offer unrivalled value for money and are built to the highest safety standards and are manufactured with outstanding quality.


raysale@live.cn raysale Tel:+86-139-7580-9378