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Color felt manufacturer introduced the history of color felt

Felt is the use of color pigments to wool and fiber raw materials processed into different colors. Is recorded in the history of mankind's oldest form of fabric,color felt manufacturer told the history can be traced back to at least 6500 BC, dating back at least eight thousand years of history, a non-woven fabric form, than spinning, knitting and other technical earlier used by humans. Mao both soft and tough features fiber elasticity, feel comfortable, but also has good reduction. Because sheep blankets folded, can be quickly reinstated, not easily deformed. Fiber structure can be tightly coupled with its tangled, and its robust features without going through knitting, sewing and other processing can be completely integrally molded.

Colored carpet surface is the surface of the polyester felt the basis of further development comes after years of careful research and layers of experiments,color felt manufacturer and finally overcome the problem of fading fade. Use colored polyester surface mat, polyester felt products have all the characteristics, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, cracking, and other products smooth.

Colored surface mat can be used for FRP pultruded profiles, while the production together with continuous blankets into the mold, then produced profiles that have the effect of wood,color felt manufacturer the kind of profiles decorative, widely accepted by the market gradually.

Colored surface mat can also be used hand lay-products, production select the desired color, brush on top of the resin in the mold shop can get the desired pattern, simple operation, good product quality.


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